Businesses Served

Energy is one of the largest expenses for business owners.  Between 2003-2008 natural gas and electricity saw  increases of 400% and 100 % respectively, causing a major drop in company profits nationwide. MSI Utilities works as a partner in stabilizing these costs. With our large network of suppliers nationwide MSI is able to offer low energy rates, reliability as well as professional customer service to nearly all business types.  Prices dropped in 2012 due to shale gas exploration and production and one of the warmest winters on record.  However natural gas in the winter of 2014 hit all time high spot prices which caused a ripple effect in entire energy complex.  Everyone should prepare for volatility in energy prices.

Commercial Property — Property owners and Managers who are responsible for increasing efficiency and controlling costs.

Health care — Long term and short term nursing homes, health care facilities and medical centers.

Industrial — Large users of natural gas and/or electricity in the manufacturing and process industries.

Schools — School Districts and other educational facilities.

Retail — Small individually owned establishments to national multi state conglomerates including, dry cleaners, grocery stores and bakeries.

Restaurants — From individual mom and pop style locations to national food chains.

Hospitality — Individually owned hotel and motels to large chains with multi state operations.

Government — Cities, towns, states are also larger consumers of energy.