MSI is a market leader at providing energy products to commercial and industrial customers.  Our service area includes the majority of the Northeast and Midwestern United States.   The ability to adjust to today’s fast moving energy markets with reliable suppliers has made MSI Utilities a trusted Energy Partner to thousands of businesses nation wide.  Call us for a free NO Obligation Energy Quote.

Natural Gas

  • Fixed rates – A fixed natural gas rate is an excellent product to help protect against volatility in the natural gas market. While on a fixed rate, your natural gas price will not fluctuate.  (see more details)
  • Variable rates – Depending on supplier may be cost plus or indexed based. Fluctuates with market conditions (more details).
  • Nymex Plus –  The NYMEX Plus plan is designed for customers who wish to purchase natural gas at market prices, but lock in their “basis” (price between NYMEX pricing point and utility city gate). See (Nymex Settlement Price History)  NYMEX Plus Basis is most beneficial to customers who expect market prices to decline and want to avoid locking in natural gas supplies at current market rates. (see more details)


  • All inclusive – An all-inclusive fixed rate builds all charges (energy, capacity, transmission, ancillary services, LFR & RMR) into your fixed rate for the term of the agreement. Taxes are typically not included in the price.
  • Energy only – An energy only fixed rate locks in only the energy portion.  All additional charges (capacity, transmission, ancillary services, LFR & RMR) will be passed through as separate line items to the customer.  (see more details)
  • LBMP Price – (Locational Based Marginal Pricing) – This is very similar to the Nymex plus described above for natural gas.  (see more details).

Solar Power

  • Solar energy offers an efficient and inexpensive alternative to the high electricity rates offered by standard utilities. The state of New Jersey offers tremendous tax write-offs to customers that Go Solar. Payback on a solar electricity systems are usually within a year.
  • MSI works with the area’s leading Energy Conservation specialist providing energy conservation systems and supplies to hospitals, schools, municipalities, Fortune 500 companies, small businesses and residential associations.

Energy Conservation

  • Everyone can benefit from Energy Conservation Systems. Savings are from 10-35% on their current electric bills, in the New Jersey Tri-state area.
  • 48 states have rebates and grants – Our consultant works with all of the utilities and the boards of public utilities.